About us

AVR Leather Venture is a B2B leather goods producer and exporter that specializes in providing clients with a wide range and high quality leather handbags and small leather goods. Widely recognized for our precision and quality work, we are proudly the go-to destination where both vendor-integrity and product quality are the customer’s primary concern. We make our products in every detail to customer specifications with the aim to fit seamlessly into their product lines.

At AVR, you will find a wide array of modern product lines crafted from a variety of specially tanned leathers and each possessing its own unique features and beauty. And while most of the works are mechanized, our leather products are basically hand-crafted with great care and attention to detail. We perfectly blend our extensive experience with the latest technology to come up with world class products that are all meticulously made with utmost care, fashion and functionality for today’s fashion conscious men and women.

We emphasis not only on quality and our ability to align ourselves to customers’ needs, but also on timely delivery accompanied with an excellent customer service to ensure an impeccable overall customer experience. So whether you are a fashion brand, wholesaler or just a distributor of leather handbags and accessories, and regardless of your location, you can think of us as that partner you can always rely on to deliver at all times!

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